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The Ghosts of Alderaan is an amazing guild. As one of the officers I know how much thought and consideration we put into bringing new people in and if by chance someone doesn't fit then we give them chances to change their behavior before we kick them out. We never like having to see someone go but when there are so many complaints against 1 person and that person repeatedly after being talked to keeps doing things like "Putting you in your place" that will not be tolerated. We don't view ourselves as better than our members and we will not tolerate anyone being rude or internet "yelling" at our members and getting them to quit because of "stalking", or "lying", or starting drama with other female or imperial members. That being said our guild is extremely light hearted and we love to joke around and there's always alot of people in our mumble channel and we run ops regularly. We'd love to have new members that can bring laughs and great personalities to our guild. Note: We are an 18+ guild so our joke do tend to go off of the family route and go more towards a mature joke kind. We welcome all levels and do try and help our members. Happy Gaming!!!!