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Why is this even an issue? Just put in the game and be done with it xD Bioware has done it before, they have no problem with homosexual relationships. I dont see any reason why they wouldnt put same-sex relationships.
Someone actually already answered this question but its in the previous thread, before exceeding the maximum posts, but I won't be cruel and make you look for it In short, Bioware Austin only came into being to handle SWTOR. The original Bioware we know and love has done it before but Austin is a bit of a different story.

Personally, I agree with the first half, just put it in the game and be done with it, but unfortunately I have been seeing the problem all along as I read over posts. No matter what they do, including doing nothing, someone is going to feel punished, whether they complain "not fair," "forcing me" or "I don't want it in my game" etc. Damned if they do damned if they don't. I think I would rather have Darth Baras sit on me than be in Bioware's shoes right now.
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One word: shotgun. Let's see a Jedi block an entire spray.