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I have kind of wanted to get this off my chest for a while, and this thread is on the same topic. Anyway, one way that Star Wars is different from real life is that the power of Countries, Empire's, etc. isn't determined as much by their Economic Power. Al-Qaeda wasn't even in the same league of a threat to the US that Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union were. The reason is that the actual Countries (Germany and the USSR) had Economies, and big ones at that. The UK triumphed over France in their rivalry in the latter half of the 2nd Millennium because (among other things) the UK was richer and could build more ships. Germany overtook France as top dog in Europe in the mid to late-1800's because it had more Industry, a bigger economy, and more people. The Allies in WW2 crushed the Axis since they out produced them by a massive margin. The US beat the USSR in the Cold War since it had both a better Economic System and a much larger Economy. A Star Wars example is how the Sith Empire in KotOR is described as much more powerful than the Republic just from its sheer quantity of War Material.

Now, the Republic and Empire are threats to each other because they are Galaxy-Spanning Empires with immense Economic Power backed up with Colossal Fleets and Armies, and you know, they want to annihilate each other. The advantage the Empire has is that at the start of the War, it had the bigger fleet of the two. While the Republic controlled most of the galaxy and held the Industrial Heartlands of the Core Worlds. Aka, the Empire has the bigger (or at least superior) Military, while the Republic has the bigger Economy. Even with all the Empire was able to conquer, the Republic still holds the Core and therefore the Economic Advantage (The Cold War Republic is supposedly twice as large as the Cold War Empire). The Overall War between the two is more or less a race, with the Empire needing to conquer the Republic before the immense economy of the Republic is brought to bear. The point we are now seeing is the aftermath of the Republic grinding the Empire into defeat Stalingrad-Style at Corellia, and now beginning the process of pushing the Empire back until they emerge Victorious. Even though Drew makes this seem too much like things are going great for the Republic, he is on the right track with how the War is progressing.