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I saw it run like hell was unleashed at its &#!@# !!

I'm playing on "The Progenitor" and BW assured us it was an RP server. I know there's no special naming policy for RP servers but i had hoped BW would at least take a strong position on naming on that kind of server.

Now, i have my doubts ...

Granted things went very messy since the F2P but i've got names in ignore since the beginning that are still there. Were they deemed legitimate ? Perhaps, after all, i might be a little more sensitive on some cases than BW is.

Anyway, as i can't name specific characters here i will take look a like like those players do.

Is there a naming policy enforced when i see characters with name like : Mhalak (yep directly from KotoR), Husul (directly from Dune) or even better Jhon Wayne or Hagatha Christie running around (Yes, dear CM, all the names have been slightly changed and aren't the actual names i've got in my ignore list, you can check)

We also got various Gods and goddess from various period of earth history and other famous historical and or fictional characters and sentence names like : "Imgonnakillyou fastandeasy" or "ipwnyou forbreakfast"

My point being : i know stupid names can happen in the real world, i know parent called wayne sometimes call their child john but i went to an RP server to avoid that kind of behavior i consider rude to my immersion in the game.

Since F2P the situation on that front became intolerable and i'm doing CS tickets one after the other to report the most stupid/offensive/out of context.

But it's not my job, i've got other things to do.

So, i know it's a boring part of the job but it must be done and i pay you to do it, PLEASE BW take the all list of player and launch a renaming campaign like no other on the face of these game to get rid of those who don't even care to roll those names on an RP server.

Please, pretty please, with the cherry and all. Thank you, in advance, for your efforts.

P.S. : believe it or not most of those players didn't went even that far to twist the names they are copying ...