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i only watch the episodes that maul and savage are in, and this one was freakin AWESOME. Though the struggle maul had vs the death watch leader (cant spell his name), has me doubting if maul can defeat dooku in battle or beat sidious with savage's help. They need to focus more the stories involving maul and savage, honestly, every episode since the first 2 this season have been so terrible, i stopped watching it up until now.
I disagree. The Onderon arc was good and the Youngling arc was phenomenal, mainly due to Hondo Ohnaka. The Droid arc was unnecessary though...

As for the recent episode, I'd say this was even better than the last one. The animation and action were great as always, but the music is what really got my adrenaline going, especially in the final duel at the end. Kiner's music as definitely improved. The dialogue and voice-acting were overall, pretty good, but the scenes were rushed. I think the pacing of the entire Maul arc has been too fast and that would be its main problem. But its a problem that is overshadowed constantly.