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I have one major complaint about PvP: there is no effective way to test builds. With PvE I can simply parse my combat logs after fighting the training dummies and know exactly how changes I am making affect my damage. Well just in-case you missed it, the PvP dummies do not take into account expertise, and more importantly PvP Trauma. How to fix this?

1. Upon entering combat with the dummy a player should gain a "trauma buff."
2. The dummy should have the equivalent of War Hero/Elite War Hero expertise.
3. Attacks on the dummy should take into account the expertise of the attacker (all other stats being equal, my attacks with 1300 expertise should do more damage than without).

For now, I have to resort to dueling friends and parsing that data, which is a HUGE pain.

Can we get a confirmation that this is at the very least being LOOKED INTO for a coming publish???
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