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*hem* Tell me I'm not the only one who would gladly follow a Darth Jadus Crushes Everything fic. Even though that's probably not where this is going
Careful, Bright, you're going to give me ideas...

One - Stormclouds
Red Light District, Nar Shaddaa
19 ATC

“Ah, you’re back,” the Nemoidian forger warbled. “Right on time.”

“In my business, it pays not to be late,” Vesania Serence responded coolly in a flawless Republic accent. “You have it?”

“As promised,” the forger said. He reached into the depths of his jacket and pulled out an identicard. “See?”

She leaned forward and examined the card carefully with a practiced eye. The Nemoidian lived up to his reputation; the facsimile was flawless.

She started to reach for the card.

“Oh, no,” the Nemoidian said, pulling his hand away. “You give me the money, I give you the card. That was the deal.”

Vesania shrugged. “Unfortunately, I seem to be a bit short on cash at the moment. Be a dear and hand it over for free, will you?”

The Nemoidian’s indignant reply cut off with a gurgle as his neck twisted sharply around with a loud snapping noise. She kicked the corpse over and plucked the fake identicard from the hand that had clenched reflexively around it.

“Now that’s the way to do business,” Vesania murmured with a smirk. She tucked the identicard into a pocket, then turned and walked casually out of the alley.


Aboard Imperial warship Machaera
19 ATC

Janeth concluded his story, then looked at the two Sith Lords who stood watching him silently. Darth Marr was, as always, masked and inscrutable. Darth Ravage looked thoughtful.

A large contingent of Sith and military had managed to escape Dromund Kaas before Jadus’ forces could seize complete control of the planet. Gathering their allies, they had assembled just outside Imperial territory in the Unknown Regions. The Machaera was Darth Marr’s flagship; Janeth had been sent there to rest, recuperate, and tell the Sith Lords what he had seen.

It was the fifth time they’d had him recount the events that had occurred in the Emperor’s chamber. He was starting to wonder what the point was.

Marr’s mask turned towards Ravage. Ravage looked at Marr.

“You are dismissed, Guardsman,” the former said after a moment.

Janeth bowed and quickly departed the room.

“That,” Ravage said flatly once the door had closed, “was utterly pointless.”

“The information bore repeating,” Marr said.

Ravage frowned. “What more is there to say? Jadus used his absence to consolidate his plans, become even more powerful than we had thought possible.”

Marr shook his head. “Jadus may have defeated the Emperor, but he is not the Emperor himself. He can be killed, and he will fall.”

“And who is going to handle that, hm?” Ravage demanded. “Us? Last I checked, we were a little busy running for our lives.”

“As the only surviving members of the Dark Council, it falls to us to lead those still loyal to the true Empire in this time of crisis.”

“Lead them in what? Marr, we are cowering like womp-rats in the sand. This can’t continue.”

“You have not been particularly forthcoming with suggestions on what course of action to take.”

Ravage glared at him. “Don’t try to pin this on me. You’ve hardly been helpful either.”

“You are on my ship,” Marr said coolly.

“Yes, and when we’re finished here I will go back to my ship.”

“And continue to do nothing.”

“I am not doing nothing!”

Marr snickered quietly. “Your dalliances hardly count as productive activity.”

“I am not dallying—”

“It’s perfectly understandable,” Marr said dryly. “Nox is gone, you’re lonely…”

“Shut up.”

“I seem to have touched a nerve,” Marr noted. “You were quite fond of her, weren’t you?”

“Stop talking about her in the past tense,” Ravage snapped. “She’s not dead.”


“I won’t believe she’s gone until I see a body,” Ravage said grimly.

“It would certainly be easy to find enough men to come to a consensus about its identity.”

“Marr, I have no idea why you think you can provoke me in this way—“

“But I am provoking you,” Marr interrupted. Ravage had the feeling he was smirking behind his mask. “I can feel your anger.”

“You’re imagining things,” Ravage said haughtily.

“It grates on you, doesn’t it?” Marr murmured. “The knowledge that Nox was never truly yours, that there were so many men before you, that if she is still alive she has undoubtedly found others to sate her desires…”


Marr laughed softly. “I’ve been around longer than you, Ravage. I know what women like her do. I’m only surprised that it took her so many years to ensnare you.”

“If all you’re going to talk about is Nox,” Ravage said flatly, “I see no reason to remain here. I’m going back to my ship.” He started for the door.

“Vaiken,” Marr said abruptly.

Ravage paused. “What?”

“We need to take the Vaiken Spacedock.”

Ravage turned around. “And how do you propose we do that?”

“Jadus has his hands full securing his new Empire.” The last three words were dripping with scorn. “If he has managed to take control of Vaiken, it will be a shaky grip at best. Our forces are sufficient to mount an attack, and no doubt the ships already there will rally to our support.”

“That makes sense,” Ravage said slowly.

“Once we have the station,” Marr continued, “it will be easy to defend, and the resources there will make it an excellent staging area for our resistance.”

“So we’re a resistance, now?”

“Of course,” Marr said coolly. “Jadus cannot be permitted to remain in the Emperor’s seat. We must take back the Empire. Unless there’s something else you’d rather be doing?”

“You have my support.”

“Excellent.” Marr adjusted one of his gloves. “I believe you said you were leaving?”

“I’ve changed my mind,” Ravage muttered, walking away from the door. “I believe we have a strategy to plan.”

According to Google Translate, machaera means saber or blade in Latin. I thought it was fitting, not to mention pretty. In-universe, um, I'm just going to handwave it as being a word in ancient Sith or something.

Nox is referred to as Vesania because she adapts her identity to suit a given situation. It's part of her Cipher training; she essentially lives whatever role she takes on, be it for a mission, or as in this case, other reasons. Right now, as far as anyone knows, she's just a Force-blind hoodlum on Nar Shaddaa, and Darth Nox is dead. She has therefore reverted to her real name.
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