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I dislike WARNING so much, I go out of my way to annoy him in pvp. Yet that JUMP guy seems great .. Im really confused right now....... perhaps there is hope for jeck yet. maybe he has a nice character too.....

just reading comments of some players in ops chat or forum signatures etc i find myself caught in a love/hate relationship with the same person lol. (useless observation really)

Just curious if theres a bunch of people who really dislike someone but may infact be on their team right now enjoying the pvp and the company.....
I hate smash spec. I think it is actually ruining pvp atm.

Bring back combat and Juyo form specs. At least then the pvp was dynamic and frantic. Smash spec makes it an aoe feast. Leave that in gw2. Aoe is the worst form of pvp ever.
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