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Yeah, I gathered that. But Lucasfilm are still involved as well. Nowhere does it say Lucasfilm are not producing Star Wars - by the looks of it their co-producing, and we know who will have the bigger say - Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm. The people who own the rights to Star Wars and everything in it. And then there's Disney to consider as well. And the writer, Micheal Ardnt. And the long list of consultants too, including George Lucas, which just seems to be growing and growing. There are so many people involved in this project that Abrams simply can't take full control, he can't even make a single decision with out consulting dozens of other people and then thinking about the fan base and the likes of you baying for his blood, as well as the effect it will have on EU material. Makes sense why so many Directors were afraid to take on this project.

And I can't stress this enough, its not a reboot! So comparing it with Star Trek is silly. This is a totally different story.
well, ill say something positive to start with before i go back to being negative. one good thing is, JJ is/was not only a fan of star wars( he wasnt actually a trek fan ), but he is also a fan of lucas as a film maker ( more than just the star wars films ) and has alot of respect for lucas. that and the fact that lucas is still alive( opposed to Roddenberry ) gives some hope that he will be less likely to do what he did with the trek movie( basically **** on Roddenberry's lifes work and didnt think twice about it).

back to being negative... this is the same set up as how the trek movie went. was set to be a new original story line to take place over mulitple movies with new characters. but that was changed once JJs production company was given the movie. without knowing the actual details of the deal with bad robot, none of us can say that JJ has total control or if he has limited control. but, the fact that bad robot is the production company and JJ and his partner are producers, that pretty much says he has much more control than you might think. maybe not total control, but alot of control.

also, lucasfilm is really no more and has zero say in anything. disney owns everything star wars and they have final say over everything. disney is a for profit big hollywood studio and their only concern is how much money the film with bring in. disney doesnt care about star wars anymore than viacom cared about star trek.
can't wait for this game to come out!