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01.26.2013 , 05:51 PM | #428
For me its really unclear what role semi-mobile ranged DPS should play in any currently existing Warzone that isn't Huttball.
A lot of the proposed buffs/fixes around this forum or the PVP one sound very nice, but as long as Biowares idea for the Sorcs role in a Warzone isnt clear, we cant really say what is an appropriate Buff and what isnt.

Are we supposed to guard the Off-Node, using stuns and our kiting to delay a cap while help is on the way?
Joining in the big fight around the contested objective, supporting the melee train?
Delay reinforcements going for the node currently being ninja'd by your team?

IMO currently there are better classes for everything a DPS Sorc (or Merc) can do in an objective based WZ.
The only thing where we are really shine is in Bubble Spec, which is also pretty silly gameplay wise.

So Bioware, what role do you intend DPS Sorcs and Mercs to have?