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like you, i also thought JJ was just the director. that is until i just read the jan 25 press release from JJ is not only the director, but he and is partner, bryan burk, are producers as is his production company, "bad robot". same team that made the star trek movie. only dif is, Kathleen Kennedy is also a co -producer. most important thing to note is, bad robot is the production company, not lucasfilm.
Yeah, I gathered that. But Lucasfilm are still involved as well. Nowhere does it say Lucasfilm are not producing Star Wars - by the looks of it their co-producing, and we know who will have the bigger say - Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm. The people who own the rights to Star Wars and everything in it. And then there's Disney to consider as well. And the writer, Micheal Ardnt. And the long list of consultants too, including George Lucas, which just seems to be growing and growing. There are so many people involved in this project that Abrams simply can't take full control, he can't even make a single decision with out consulting dozens of other people and then thinking about the fan base and the likes of you baying for his blood, as well as the effect it will have on EU material. Makes sense why so many Directors were afraid to take on this project.

And I can't stress this enough, its not a reboot! So comparing it with Star Trek is silly. This is a totally different story.