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01.26.2013 , 05:32 PM | #199
Since early start i was on Swiftsure. Free transfers i "LUCKILY" moved only ONE toon to Master Dar'nala and left the rest on Swiftsure.

Free moved from Swiftsure to Bastion. Dar'Nala = EMPTY i mean always Empty....

Bastion = busy but laggy.

Cancelled my sub since i can't transfer to at least an Oceanic PVE server since Oceanic PVP is dead as dead and world PVP in TOR is close to non-existent. Spent on cartel coins and happy with my toons on Bastion but not re-rolling on an Oceanic, spending more money on cartel etc. I have better things to do with my time than re-level classes i already enjoy. Happy to pay for any transfers, don't care as long as the end result is to enjoy the game which at present i enjoy about 50% of the time compared to the previous 100% on release.

Clearly this isn't a concern for BW, nor do they care about the community, they only care about the $$ rather than understand that happy community = more $$. Good to see the post in 2012 for transfers to be released in summer (aussie winter) which never happened. Consolidation of servers was Step 1 now waiting for Step 2 transfers.

Maybe in 2020 we will see some sort of actual ACTION towards meeting industry norms of paid transfers, character re-names, legacy re-names, faction change, race change and more.