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his directing isnt all that great either. and directing isnt just about cimematography. even the first 5 minutes of the movie was poorly done and made little to no sense at all.

just because many of the previous star trek movies were really poorly done, doesnt mean JJ should get tones of credit for making a movie that wasnt as bad as other trek movies. did any of the ship interiors actually feel like star trek at all? nope. how did you like the engine room? looked like a beer distilery. probably because it was an actual beer distilery. scotty and mccoy were just charactatures of the originals. spock was nothing how spock was in the oringinal series. he didnt really even seem like a vulcan. even it some of the poorly done movies, spock never came across as a totally nieve whinny brat. def the worst vulcan portrayal of any of the movies or TV series. even kirsty was a more believable vulcan.

and how do you know how much control he has or doesnt have with the star wars movie? even if he is just the director... many times directors are given ALOT of control over story/content. hopfully he has next to no control at all and is really just a token name to drive up hype and buzz. at the very least, we all should pray that whats left of lucasfilm will be in charge of set design. ideally JJ has zero say in script changes or story changes.
Is was a beer distillery

But I complete accept your criticisms of his directing skills. I'm just point out that criticizing the story and acting is irrelevant, because he isn't in control of that, at least not in Star Wars.

I also highly doubt Star Wars is going to be a 'reboot', (they've already said its going to be an original trilogy) That only worked with Star Trek because Star Trek was originally a TV series, not a movie, it was inevitable, the only viable course of action because people simply aren't familiar with a sci-fi series of the 1960s. They would be confused and disorientated if Abrams suddenly plunged them into the 'next chapter' in the Enterpise saga. A 'rehash' if you like of the saga was inevitable. But again, irrelevant because Star Wars is a famous and popular modern film series, with an entire universe of lore behind it, and its still going. Anyone working with such a delicate project has to step carefully and cannot afford to change anything. And with the possibility of a reboot being completely unlikely, their is nothing for him to 'misinterpret' or 'ruin'. Unless he decides to make lightsabers multicolored. :P

And I highly doubt J.J Abrams will be given that sort of control over Star Wars. The fact is you don't know that anyway, all you know is he's the director, which makes your statements even more outlandish and baseless. I highly highly doubt this will be the case, what with Star Wars being an extremely delicate franchise, which unlike Star Trek, is still going strong and with a whole realm of lore surrounding it, and with George Lucas still there as a consulant, the entire company that is Lucasfilm running the show, and the mahoosive company that is Disney running them. That was non-existent in the Star Trek film, it was such Abrams, some other guys and Paramount Pictures - who I doubt were as heavily involved as George, Disney and Lucasfilm will be (may I reiterate, a company entirely dedicated to producing Star Wars).

So again, the only thing you can comment on are his directing skills. And I think using real sets instead of a smorgasbord of CGI will be a breath of fresh air for Star Wars and a return to the original trilogy. (Or did you forget that most of the sets in the original trilogy were not CGI?)