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01.26.2013 , 05:08 PM | #5
the claw should be a non-issue as long as your group avoid damage from it. all healing classes have some way of healing on the move so even if u are targeted it shouldn't be bad.

commandos- advance med probe tank(hp fill and armor buff with slight hp regain) and shoot green at people as u shouldn't take much if any damage the whole fight. commando don't have a true HoT like the other two but if someone gets low u have an instanta cast heal u can throw in here.

sages/scoundrel use HoTs. smuggler/sents can cc it but it should not be needed in most cases.

the fight is kindof crazy so u as a healer just focus on healing and the dps should focus on the cores while the tank should pick the turrets/big droid guy once spawned.

if u are having trouble at the start cc one of the turrets and focus fire on the other.