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Think about what you didn't like about the film though. Abrams is not responsible for poor story. Did you like the cinematography? If yes, then great. If no then you have something to complain about.

This is what people seem to be forgetting. The director isn't responsible for the production of the entire film. The writer and the producer play a massive role too. And Abrams is neither of those. And even if he was in charge of the entire Star Trek movie. It doesn't matter. He's only directing Star Wars - so his directing skills are all we need to worry about.

Think on that. Please.

(Oh and I think you mean Star Wars 7, not Star 'Trek'. Unless your making a subtle dig there. )
what are you talking about? abrams production complany was handed complete control over the film and abrams was a producer long before he accepted the job as director. he had a heavy hand in what the story turned out to be. because of the viacom split from CBS corp and the deal that was eventually made, the movie side of the star trek franchise was handed over to people who never had anything to do with star trek and had no concerns or care for the franchise as a whole.

the original plan for the movie( before abrams changed it ) was for it to be the prequel to the original series that Roddenberry had wanted to do but never got done. it was going to be all new characters in the timeline after "enterprise" series but before the original series.

it was abrams that changed it from prequel to reboot/reset. and it was abrams who changed it from new characters to ripping off Roddenberry's original characters. why? because he didnt want to be restriced by anything( canon/lore anything from the series ) and it would be to hard from him and his hacks production( including the writers ) company to actually create new characters. also, because he wanted to strip away everything that makes star trek, star trek. just listen to or read interviews from JJ about the movie. he wanted to make a bland fluff action movies that would sell alot of ticked because it was star trek.
can't wait for this game to come out!