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So, Ive played on and off since release, going solo never really accomplishing anything, but Ive decided to settle in and make TOR my main game, as I always seem to come back to it in one way or another and I always find it fun. So the winner of the random home server draw was shadowlands, and just thought I would introduce myself to the community so... hi!

When I get a character leveled, Ill likely look in to doing PVE stuff mostly. I'm not really looking in to guilds right now, though probably will in the near future. Right now it feels like the thing Ill be playing most is my Marauder, but who knows, Ive also got a mid level vanguard I could level, but Im not feeling it right this moment.

A few questions:

1) Any community memes I should be aware of?
2) Any big guilds we all look up to in awe?
3) Is there an altaholics anonymous I can join around here?

Thanks to all who reply~
1) I think the JAWA meme still goes on.
2) There are some decent pve guilds and pvp guilds on the server
3) There are quite a lot of guilds with many toons with multiple alts...
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