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What's the true potential of Force users according the SW lore? I ask this because, in the movies and cartoons, the Force is mostly used in basic ways I.E. Force Jump, Force Push, Force Lightning and Mind Tricks seem to be as far as Force sensitives go.

However, in SW novels, comics and video games, the Force is akin to magic and users can conjure some magnificent powers. Palpatine in the novels can summon a wormhole, and we all know what the Sith Emperor Darth Vitiate can do, so what's the benchmark for an accurate portrayal of the Force?

In the new movies, will they keep it simple, or will they test CGI special effects and make the Force like it is in games? People always argue games like the Force Unleashed and KOTOR use the Force for game mechanics, and nobody can manipulate the Force like those characters. So, what's your take on this? As always, all replies are welcome and I'd like to hear your opinions.