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Maul...I could see surviving, I mean Vader willed himself back to life in one comic and survived on the Darkside alone. So Maul surviving? Is ok, though I question why the reactor pit had vents given that the heat from the reactor would cause injury to other beings I don't think that is entirely safe unless its in space...

Boba surviving however? Ya I find hard to believe, I mean what are the odds that he would find someone who was telepathically linked to the sarlacc then goad him into constricting the tentacles on his jetpack and launching him out?

But anyway I can let the slide, however what I can't let slide is him surviving 3 more times! Or was it 2? The 1st and then the other 2 times? But anyway, regardless no....1 time wasn't really believable but can slide...however I am suppose to now believe he can survive 2 more times? HELL NO!

But anyway were getting off topic here folks, Mace is dead, he ain't coming deal with it.
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