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I don't believe there is any sense of stacking crit/surge because you have a very useful talent that grants you crit bonuses to 2 abilities and mana cost reduction for two more every time you cast Rejuvenate. So you better stack Willpower and Power For bigger heals AND crits :P
The only time Willpower and Secondary stats compete is in some mods, and even then I prefer to use secondary heavy mods, because for a small decrease in willpower there's a larger increase in Power/Crit.

Ignore endurance completely, it'll come with the rest of your stats. People saying that you should focus on it are talking rubbish, don't even take endurance into account when gearing up.

Also, someone said 'self-buffed' crit should be around 30-35%. Is that ONLY with the Consular buff, or is this to say fully buffed?
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