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Most unappealing....

IMO, Skadge hands down. Not only is he physically repulsive, having an appearance close to a semi-melted pile of lard, he is also a bully with no redeeming qualities such as wit or intelligence. (You can contrast him to a charcter like Tanno Vik. Vik is also not physically attractive and can be a bully. However, Vik has a really dry wit, is cunning, and respects the Havoc Squad CO. I like Vik, hate Skadge.)

Skadge is by far the most unappealing companion I've encountered. (There are 42 companions. I've picked up 29 so far.) Honorable mention goes to:
The Ship Droids. Thank goodness they reduced the frequency that these guys speak, but I would adore a way to shut them off. Seriously want to punch them every time I walk on board a ship. Plus I don't care for the design. I know it's supposed to be an older version of the C3PO model, but I just don't care for it.

Nadia and Raina Temple also severely irritate me. Something about their tones and hero worship and really stupid decision making just makes me wish for a 2x4 so I could smack them upside the head. With them it's all about their personality.

Other than that, while there are companions I don't care for, I wouldn't say any others are unappealing.
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