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When DoT's became a major part of the damage we do, it does become a balance issue. I get a long single target mez in the madness tree, or have the games dumbest long term cast time on a single target mez. Both of which will break within 3 seconds of application, because all three specs use Affliction.

I thought I put it in there, but maybe I didn't explicitly state it. Affliction needs to be on a 15 second CD with that change.

The self healing on DoT's WAS excessive on maras. Sorcs already have a self instant heal, plus can't pair the self heals with any defensive CD's. Right now the parasitism and devour combo isn't even noticable.

Kind of hard to have 100% uptime on crushing darkness too. Was kind of my first clue that you don't play sorc.

The only big balance change in madness really would be shock, a six second CD, being able to do 5k ish damage when Crushing darkness is up, I wasn't sure if 25% each would be too much and only 20% each would be better.
1st- you have 40% of your damage from FL. Use that to stop caps. It means you actually have to pay attention to your node you are defending. Again, gameplay.

2nd - you obviously have a reading issue, since I clearly state the issue will come for ASSASSINS who share your tree (parasitism and devour) and HAVE a 100% uptime on CD with Raze, the Wrath equivalent in the tree.

3rd - self heals on marauder : you obviously never parsed one. Marauder had a self-heal burst on berserk, but otherwise were actually at current madness level, just slightly above 1% hps.

4th affliction and lightning charge's discharge (ON THE ASSASSIN. Caps to help you notice) fill the same role of multi dottting. While creeping terror is not exactly worthy of being a 31 pts ability right now, there is a limit to making it a baseline one. Also, multi dotting has always been a way of helping with procs.

5th - mez ALL break on damage. Lethality sniper ALSO use dots with his, all marauder spec uses rupture. CC can be used in fight, but mostly they are to be used to lock put someone from fight, not a 2nd stun.

Ex : a reinforcement, a healer while your team is killing the tank guarding it.

Also don't forget its a in-fight 60 sec cc in pve. In that regard, its the only one in the game that can see its 1,5 cast removed.

And shock doing 5k when CD is up? Yes plz, my hybrid wants the 3k dps!!!

Currently its not rare that I hit with 4k on a crit and chain shock proc with it.

So you see, not only do I play sorc but I also have experience with most class, something I'm not sure you do other than from a "fighting them" point of view.