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Except this was for a lightsaber, and there is no current way to even legacy transfer one of those.
just the hilt. everything else can be transferred with the event legacy bows. personally i think he did it for the color crystal as everything else transferable can be bought with columni coms. for columni weapons the color crystals are purple for the empire side and cyan (light blue) for the republic. these can be pricey if bought off the gtn.

dont every run off someones name in general chat as it only makes you sound like a whiny 4 year old child. most of us wont believe you anyways. generally players will snicker and troll on your frustration for sport. try to talk to someone from his guild to get an officer or guild leader. see what they say. if nothing then you have a guild to black list as well. yes people there are entire guilds full of such ill mannered individuals.