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Great but i think you would be in the minority (people from south asia with crap pings, that still play on apac servers that want out). Just opening up transfers might suit you fine but would scatter the rest of the community. There will be a paid transfer option in the future regardless of what happens - use that if u want out. Why you chose to play on an APAC server with a worse ping in the first place is a mystery...
Please do not discredit others because of their location, APAC is Asia Pacific and South Asia use to have 100ms pings but that has increased to like 400+ms and having faults between Australia and Asia doesn't help so it isn't a mystery.

If the population is so dire on MDN doesn't that make MDN the minority ? Maybe the most vocal in this thread but still a minority.(see no different to the above comment) Put the recommendations up but the decision will be made holisticly and you may not see all the factors.

If you think opening up transfers is going to scatter the community, I didn't know that you guys could make so many not want to play with you on a server to the point you have to force them to stay.

No wonder the majority of those that have differing views to those in this thread mostly stay away from it.

The thing about opinions are they are very subjective.