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Forget about it... those are AMD based, SWTOR doesn't work well with AMD.
MMORPG need CPU power more than GPU.
If you want high - Core i5 above 3.2, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia 650 ... is a minimum
dont perpetuate bs. amd works much better for MMOS. you are gpu intensive in mmos - you dont want latency. even if you implement a cluster of 4-5 computers thinking that it will get you over the '200 toons in stormwind' lag, it wont - you are limited with your connection and how it handles arbitrarily arriving data. even if you have 100 mbps, still a random toon appearing out of the corner will introduce delay.

and anyone who pays for a nvidia gpu instead of cheaper and comparably more powerful ati ones is a fool, and i have a bridge to sell them - its in san francisco.


im still using Phenom 965 4 core in a bulldozer capable 990fx mobo, with 6950 2 gb (unlocked). and im flying high still.

hell, im even able to run mount and blade warband under wine in linux with these specs and fly high with it.

ps : btw i STILL am using xp 32 bit and running the game by being limited to 3 gb ram despite having 8 gigs of ram, because i like the font sharpness and types in xp. and i am able to run any game with these specs spectacularly - i even do 3d gaming (using tridef) with a 42 inch lg tv.