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.NEVER use any 27A mods use only 27's saw you had a few in there. I also changed out the implants to the power acurracy ones and 1 of your dread guard relics to the elemental proc 1, i saw you had the wrong 1 from what i have read. I took your ask mr robot and changed the stats around for what i am aiming for since i forgot to make a BIS ask mr robot profile myself that or i delete it on accident lol. But anyways I made a crit and power base 1 since some people say go heavy crit but i perfer power myself.

Power 1
this is the gear set up i perfer you can swap out a 1 or 2 crit mods for more power if you want more power.
now my assassin isn't at this gear lvl so can't test it out but you may even want to drop your crit to about 30-32%ish. since i haven't been able to test it out and crit is nice for deception i keept it at 35% buffed
Crit 1
you can swap a few mods out to go for more crit if you perfer but imo if ur going crit heavy 36-37% buffed is enough with the 9% crit proc from madness which will put you at around 46%ish crit

now i'm no expert on assassin dps i play my jug dps as a main my assassin is my main alt mostly 26's this is just how i think you should gear for a heavy crit or power build.

Hope this helps
Thanks for opening my eyes on those mods, i overlooked them completely. I kinda like your 2nd build.

I'm not concerned about missing a hit, i'm actually aiming for lowering the target's defense by having over 100% accuracy. But maybe that's not very important in PVE, as i've come to realize since reading a few other topics since i posted this.

The relic i picked was not by accident. I picked it cause its effect causes more damage (280>210), even if it was a different type of damage. Why is the elemental one better? (if you care to elaborate) I was actually not sure which to pick (except for the on-use power one).

As for the rest, i know i need to get my crit down, i even said it in my first post. Question was what to replace in order to get that crit down, not lose surge, and get my accuracy higher.

Thanks 4 the replies so far.