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Hi. I would advocate less crit rating, much less, I believe you should drop down to 34% crit rating or 35%, or power stack and go to 30% crit buffed, but 40% is just WAY too much for a deception assassin, also, as an assassin, you actually don't need that much accuracy, I personally roll with 97.5% melee accuracy because the only thing you will have parried or missed is a voltaic slash or maul, which doesn't happen often. You can read my guide for some help on itemization, but I believe you have too much crit and not enough power, and you're too far into diminishing returns which is causing a major loss in other stats, especially power. By the way, Noxxic is crap for class itemization and use the same templates for every class without taking into account talents, and specs.
would ya say it's better to go 30% crit buffed rest power or 35% rest power because i heard deception likes to have a decent amount of crit cause of how it's burst still in the process of getting a few more 26/27 mods for my assassin before i even attempt to test both versions out to see what is better
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