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01.26.2013 , 06:37 AM | #29
What I find strange is that barely anyone here against bringing back the likes of Boba and Maul are acutally giving reasons for their point of view. Only that the deaths where unrealistic, and then a bunch of meaningless emotive statements 'its StuuPid!' But who really cares about that? Surely its the character that matters, not how he died and how he survived. No one here has said that the reincarnations of Maul and Boba are badly written characters, why? Because clearly they are not, clearly they have brought no negatives to the Star Wars franchise in any way - apart from anger a few fans who thought their survival was 'StuuPid!' But then again I bet very few people here have watched TCW or read the Boba comics, so you really can't comment. :P

Go watch and read them, then come back to me.