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01.26.2013 , 04:28 AM | #425
Well the problem of balance and "FOTM" arises because some classes are just way ahead in terms of dps and defensives, you know like marauders.

People want to see sorcs buffed alot because marauder is their base line, and can you blame them, when marauders have been roflstomping wzs for months on end now, and sorcs have had successive (unwarranted) nerfs? Did you see that thread about the person monitoring the big hitting moves in wzs, knights/warriors had 4 of the top 8, and unsurprisingly, sorcs didn't have any and even mercs get in there. And not only that 88.5% were smash/sweep.

And I have sympathy for this view, if marauder is deemed "working as intended", then it's hardly unreasonable to want sorcs buffed to the same level, where's our shroud? Where's our proper damage reduction/interrupt immunity ability? And by the same token, if a spec like rage/focus is deemed okay, then why is it so unreasonable to want 6k death field auto-crits that hit 5 people?

I just do not buy "we are monitoring this situation on rage/focus", they should have seen it is broken no more than a week out of the gate, so the only reasonable inference is they are happy with it, hence I want death field buffed to the same level. I want shroud for my sorc, I want my dots to heal me more with death mark on, I want my dots and shock to hit harder when the target is under 30%, or I want an execute move. I want my dots NOT to break my whirlwind. And if other aoe mezzes which are unsurprisingly instant and stupidly long (like 6s and 8s) and I can be chain mezzed for 14s without my resolve filling up, I want my whirlwind talent that can affect more than 1 to actually work on up to 4 other people in a wz. I want my force speed to no be so easily countered. I can't use my lightsabre for anything, even though I spent plenty of time whacking things with a stick on Korriban, hell i don't even get my mainstat to damage just because I chose sorc, but my strength attribute and power rating affects it? Can you say lolwut?

So yeah, all I see is gross imbalance here

But let's face it I think the writing has been on the wall for several months, sorcs will never attain "FOTM" status again, not that I think they ever were (that really was a gear/L2P issue), and knights/warriors will continue as the undisputed wz champs.