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01.26.2013 , 04:20 AM | #17
Guys i argued with my friends about this dying thing and i am really sad i left my sorcerer rot to die our class makes dmg yes we are really good at 1v1 but in wz there isnt always 1v1 there is 2v1 3v1 3v3 3v2.... and when they focus on us we vaporize. it was like that before but we were dealing much more dmg so the fights weren't long. they didnt changed a huge thing about our survival they killed our dmg and our lightningh / corroption hybrid. its really funy we are spending 40 skill points to cast thunder blast we are adding %50 more crit dmg with 5 skill point and it makes 3500 crit we can do this dmg with dead field to 3 targets about 3050 it is really funny all other classes have really cool end tree skills but we have a ****** street fighter aduket and thunder has 2 sd cast dead field is instant and they add a funny medium heal it only makes me stand 3 second more i am playing mara (rage) which is op and when i see a sorc/sage i am really laughing while i was attacking him/her it is really funny wacthing them turning brain dead when i smash