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The longer the test, the greater the disparity will be. That's why my test is ideal. Two button rotation.
Ion Pulse, Hammershot, Ion Pulse, Hammershot, Ion Pulse, Hammershot, and repeat.
Count the number of Ion Pulses until you're unable to use another Ion Pulse. Repeat two more times to account for lag.

Bounty Hunter
Flame burst, Rapid shots, Flame burst, Rapid shots, Flame burst, Rapid shots.
Count number of Flamebursts until you're unable to activate it again. Repeat twice more to account for lag.

Compare the results.
Out of curiousity I did that, on a vanguard and powertech. Ion Pulse -> Hammer Shots vs. Flame Burst -> Rapid Shots. Until overheated/out of ammo.

Did 4 runs on the vanguard: 31, 29, 32 and 34 Ion Pulse before out of ammo.

Only did 2 runs on the powertech, because the difference is so overwhelming: 50 and 60 Flame bursts, and I wasn't even out of the maximum heat dissipation tier. Just stopped because it got so very boring.

So, while I don't actively play neither powertech nor vanguard most of the time, this changed my mind. When I first read the thread, my first thought was "People will whine about anything", but I now see this as a real concern, and want to state my support for fixing this. Not that it matters, but anyway.