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01.26.2013 , 02:46 AM | #40
I have been and always will be disappointed with the choice of names for Telekinetic Throw and Project. I wish they'd reverse their names instead. But as far as the OP goes, I'm fine with it but that's because it's purely cosmetic. Telekinetic Throw may not seem like it's as ****** as Force Lightning but graphics don't count for numbers when you're hitting the same ranges, if specced right. That alone, I'm ok with. I'll stick to throwing pebbles, you stick to your lightning, lets fight, and see who hurts more :P

Telekinetic Wave however, I do miss the whole jump and land on the floor. It's more flare-ish while Overload is straight up brute-ish, but I would like to see it changed back. Unless if that was a bug, if so nevermind.

Off topic, they do need to switch the names of TT and P. I think of the analogy they portray - a projector for example throws an image onto a surface and streams it for continued footage. Meanwhile Telekinetic Throw best reminds me of games like Psi Ops where you target one specific object and chuck it at your opponent.