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01.26.2013 , 02:07 AM | #424
Err many of your suggestion don't make sense. That DoTs (all dots, not just sorc's) don't stop caps is a gameplay decision, not a balance one. They will break stealth if not cleanse first tough.

But mostly, they want to avoid a sorc dotting people just for the sake of it, and paralizing a team. Because thats a hit too easy.

Affliction becoming the current CT as well. The two sec root on a spam CD? Seriously?

Same for the self heals. You are suggesting a bit total of 4% heal on tick crits.

Do the math, it means on single target, a potential of 12% for all 3 DoTs if star align, even more for assassin who shares your tree and can have a 100% uptime on Crushing Darkness, so lets suppose a 35% crit rate, thats roughly 10% on 6 seconds as well. Now if you also tab affliction....

Class needs some loving, sure. But if what you want is a FoTM fix, you just move the problem elsewhere. Annihilation marauders used to have 2% on bleed crit. That made a LOT of self-heals and got nerfed, I suppose to make up for the 1vs1 unmatched ability of it. You are suggesting taking madness way beyond that. As it currently roughly has the pre-nerf annihilation self-heal, with an easier application of them.