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Just my 2 cents, but working same sex into this game would be very nice. I mean, Skyrim had it.
That's why we're here . We see other, extremely popular games doing it, we see there's no reason for this game not to, and we want it in this game too. Also, the fact that this is the first Bioware game AND the first KOTOR game (the 2nd one wasnt made by Bioware, but they used the same basic romance system) to not feature any lesbian LIs at all is completely inexcusable. Its an extremely popular option, thats why its been in every KOTOR game up until this one, and in so many other more modern games, there's nothing controversial about it at all.

Ultimately there are so many different ways to introduce this into the game that it should've happened well over a year ago. They can just turn off all the gender-checks that disable the romances and flirts, that's the simplest solution, the one they should've done over a year ago. They could introduce a new race (they seem to like doing that from time to time) that looks and sounds female (like the all-female race in the ME series) and let players choose between male and female at the character creation screen, which would effect nothing about the character's appearance or voice, only who they could or couldn't romance/flirt with. That would actually be the coolest way of doing it, because I mean, who wouldn't want an Asari-like race in the game? The bottom line is theres lots of really good ways to make everybody happy, hopefully they'll pick the best one and implement it ASAP.

I'd also like to make a more general, overall point about the game, and the storylines. I've only played 2 all the way through, the SI and JK, so I can't comment on all the storylines (although of those two, I found the SI more interesting, so much fascinating stuff happening, the JK storyline was cool too of course, but seemed a bit too straightforward, not as much uniqueness as the SI one, and also the ending was more satisfying for the SI one but I wont discuss that due to possible spoilers), but the overall point is, the story IS the game. Just as the original KOTOR was a traditional RPG that played like an action RPG, this is an MMO that plays like a traditional RPG. The story is the reason we play. I'm sure there's a fair number of people who only care about the MMO elements, the PvP stuff and such, and I do really enjoy the mini-games, the 'warzones' as they call them, but ultimately we play for the story. Throughout the game, whichever class you play, you're constantly given choices that effect things in your own personal world. Whether or not you save lives, bring about peace, or kill people and bring about war, etc. and in none of those storylines are your choices limited in any way whatsoever by your gender. Obviously the romances should be no different. They're part of the overall storyline, and they should be part of it in any way you want them to be. If you dont want to romance anybody thats fine, but if you do and you want her to be a prominent part of your storyline, that should be an option as well. I wouldn't be playing this game at all, I never would have, were it not for the fact that it was Bioware, which meant great stories, and it was also SUPPOSED to mean romances that I was actually allowed to play, rather than read about other people enjoying them while I wasn't allowed to. My request would be make the romances like the entire rest of the game, gender-irrelevant, and give us more stories as well. We get 3 chapters for each character, its time for chapter 4, and then beyond. The storyline is the cake, the romance is the icing on the cake. I want some icing on my cake, and I also want more cake . Two specific things I'd like to happen at some point in the future, I'd like the chance to become the Emperor for my SI character (possibly the other dark-side classes also, not sure if they would be equally appropriate or not as I haven't played their storylines all the way through yet), and the chance to romance Satele Shan for my JK (I imagine all my light-side characters would like that option, that seems like a pretty easy call even having not played their storylines all the way through yet) . Did I mention that Satele should be romancable by all? I think that would be implied .