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thanks to server merges all my imp toons were put into a heavy pub dominant pvp server. the republic is all great pvp players with min/maxed gear and all the imp pvp guys are in recruit or even pve gear. there are several pub guilds with their vents and pre mades and as result the imps are farmed non-stop.

there's tons of imps just dropping wz like constantly and out of every ten wz's as a solo que i get maybe 7 of the 10 backfills.. and of those seven, at least 3 of them end up filling as time expires and another imp loss.. so i get big fat zeros as i'm trapped in the spawn point so not only did i waste a que, but it got me absolutely nothing.

not even complaining how borked pvp is.. can we at least get some valor or coms or something for your terrible groupfinder que or fix it so you don't get spawned into a route as it ends.
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