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01.25.2013 , 11:32 PM | #423
Wrath shouldn't affect shock, really doesn't make sense with what the skill does IMO.

I hate Lightning so, haven't playe dit enough to have any ideas what would make it viable. I know I won't play a squishy low defense kiting class designed around mobility if the tree requires it to completely stand still and cast spells.

But my baseline Sorc fixes -
All Dot tick's either need to interrupt stealth and captures or not break CC. Bioware needs to decide which way to go, but it is patently unfair the way it is.
Overload either knocks a forward arc back an additional 15 meters (Like Knight/Warrior range or further) or gets back the 360 degree radius. Either way they need a 2 second knockdown built in. Baseline.
Affliction does 1 tick of damage instantly, and interrupts caps.
Affliction gets a 2 second root and a 15 second CD (basically becoming current Creeping Terror) - class needs a baseline root.
Force speed instantly removes all movement impairing effects and makes the Sorcerer immune to them for the duration. Baseline.
Static Barrier last 20 seconds and has a 30 second lockout. It absorbs a small amount of every attack (Don't know the numbers on our current bubble, but don't want to make it much better or worse) While the new bubble is up, the Sorcerer is 100% immune to pushback. Only hard interrpupts and mez/stun can now interrupt casting.
Static Barrier is now self only.
Consumption has a soft CD of 120 seconds. Use it before that CD resets and get the current effect, use it every 2 minutes and it grants double the benefit (16% Force) with no penalty to health. Or give a whole new ability that does the same thing if it is easier to code.

Madness fixes -
Creeping Terror becomes an AoE Dot like corrosive grenade. Instant tick, and then DoT.
Deathmark should affect all of your DoT's on a target for 15 seconds.
Parisitism should heal double the damage it currently does, and Devour should still double that.
New skill replacing oppressing Force - Shock does 25% more damage to a target for each negative effect you have applied to them, not counting movement impairing effects (deathmark, creeping terror, affliction, Crushing Darkness) Then have that skill swap spots in the tree with Force horrors.

Corruption fixes -
Revivication functions eaxctly like right now, except the initial cast applies a HoT to anybody it hits granting the full effect even if they move out of the area. Others can still move into the area, but will not have the HoT applied to them, only get the effect from standing in the area.
Allows static barrier and self instant heal to be cast on others. Separate abilities high in the tree.
Dark mending now reduces the cast time of Dark Infusion by 0.50 seconds and 1.0 seconds. Switches spots with Dark resiliance in the tree.