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Do you mean something like this?

That was found in link #1 when I searched "flashpoint guides" through google.

If you're looking for a FP that isn't listed on Dulfy, you could try putting in the name of the FP you're interested in playing in the search bar of youtube.

Google is your friend.

Edit: You really shouldn't need a guide for a particular FP or Op when it comes to how you play your class, so long as you know even the most basic of priorities and/or rotations.

There are a few caveats to that, of course. When it comes to a guide talking about burst phases, or automatic enrage timers, or things of that ilk... you'll want to save up both your own burst tools (Adrenals, on-use Relics, that sort of thing) as well as any raid-wide benefits you can bring (you don't have it yet, but once you hit lvl 44, you'll get Inspiration, which is a group-wide Damage Increase buff).

Similarly, you should be aware of your defensive cooldown and when group-wide or raid-wide damage will be occurring, so you can negate some of it with said DCDs.

As you play and become more familiar with each FP and OP, you'll learn to read the telegraphed signs that a boss will be doing something unusual. Experience, more than anything else, helps you learn when to be DPSing the boss like a fiend, and when it is best to get out of an point blank area of effect smash, while being able to get another Saber Throw and Leap in.

General tips include not standing in circles of any color that aren't created by your teammates, not standing in the frontal arc of the boss to avoid frontal arc AoE damage, and being passingly familiar with when additional mobs come (as a DPS, it is generally your job to kill those ASAP) and the phases of any bosses that have them.