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Lol, thank you Mr. English professor for illustrating your own point of "elitism". Brilliantly done!
For being a fan of English I would think you would be familiar with context. The following sentences in my post further explained my "elitist" view that I DON'T think ALL PVP gear is inappropriate, as I stated, player skill is more the determining factor.
But why is it so "abhorrent" for me to be a "little frustrated" when someone shows up for LI HM in recruit PVP Gear or insists on tanking HM KP in partial recruit/WH when the other tank is better geared in PVE gear. Is that so elitist?

Maybe I generalized to much in that specific sentence that you so amazingly over analyzed, but I assumed the rest of my post would be read and my view on the matter would be further clarified. Forgive me for making that mistake. I will endeavor to avoid such absurdities in the future and be sure to run my posts by the editor before doing so. Thanks for setting me straight.
Heh. My original response was rather mild. The second one was more in reaction to your angry declaration of stupidity you felt I was demonstrating. I suppose I overreacted.

The "abhorrent" comment, actually, was an vast overstatement on my part, sorry.

Your viewpoint doesn't remotely fall under the actual elitism I don't like (unlike that guy who refuses to heal the wrong gear just out of principle).