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I'm the opposite, my pet peeve is PvE players that grind endlessly and in actuality are being carried (but are bad and do not know it) and think they are entitled to go on the toughest content because of their gear. When in reality, others had to work extra hard to get you your gear, because you don't pull your weight (not saying you, but I've had experience with quite a few of "these" types before in PvE).

I care much more about a person's skill than their experience. We had a healer that used to be in our guild (quit because we stopped carrying her through operations), full 63's, who could be one of the worst players you've ever seen. Like, can't beat her 1v1 council fight in EV bad. But expected to get to go on ops because she's geared and done the fights before. I have no interest in those types.
Hm? How are we the opposite? I do not like carrying people who are not skilled either. I'm not sure how you got that I am OKAY with that from my post. I must not of worded it clearly?

I've never seen or heard of someone without any skill being carried all the way to full 63's till now though, and I'm sad to hear that someone was. In my opinion, she should of been ditched earlier, or taken to the side and mentored(if you didn't try that. I don't know, I'm just some random guy on the forum). My guild is very honest about someones skill level.