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Lanser stood up from the seat he had taken in the beginning of the flight and walked to the doorway to the cockpit. He pushed a button the panel next to the door Closing the cockpit off as to not let the pilot hear the mission. Lanser checked to make sure the intercom wasn't on the activated the holocomputer. He put a datachip in it and watched as the holograms came to life. As he spoke images of what he was talking about appeared on the computer.

Lanser: I would first like to thank you all for coming on such a ...secretive mission. This mission doesn't exist. This group was never formed. The man we are hunting does not exist and our job is to make sure he never does. Darth Valdek. Thats about the extent of any intel on the man.....his name. The Order of Revan took an interest in him when they heard he was causing trouble for the Empire. They thought he could be an ally. They were very wrong. The reason he does not get along with th Empire is that he is a radical, an extremist. Even to extreme for the empire, no offense" He said looking to Sabrina," This man has officially detached himself from the Empire. When news of this reached the Order, they contacted the Jedi and the Sith to inform them he must be stopped. Most believe him to be harmless and an outcast but some have pulled strings to get this team to eliminate him.

We know he is very powerful and has taken an interest in a secret part of Section X. In the Order's hunt for this man they found that he is searching for an ancient tablet one that controls the minds of Drouks in its presence.With each a squad of Drouks he could level a city. He is rumored to be in the temple now. The temple is in a large hole in the ground and is mostly underground. The shuttle will drop us off near the entrance and we will descend into the Pit of the Forgotten.

There is no interest in keeping this guy as a prisoner so kill on sight and we can all go home. Any questions?
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