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01.25.2013 , 09:26 PM | #165
As an anonymous/unguilded player that that Qs solo all the time it is my opinion that Physics is the best....with ID very close if not equal to that. The rest are hit or miss. To be fair I have seen every guild get their asses handed to them....and on a few rare occasions horribly and embarrassingly lol. Everyone fails at times, but statistically when I am randomly placed with 4 members of either Physics or ID I win. These 2 guild also, more often than most, realize there are 4 other players not of there guild with them {in regs} and make an effort to lay out basic tactics.

Most other guilds {in the statistics I have collected over time} suffer from myopic tendencies. They fail to communicate with others....and as a result all suffer and we lose. Naturally they then speak...only to blame the non-members of their guild. Sure sometimes the 4 of the same guild can carry the rest, but that is an exception in my experience. {especially when the opponent is not a pushover}.

While I cannot speak for all member {all guilds have their egomanics and cool headed pros} as I have no emotional attachment {as I am not capable of it to begin with} to any other player in the game....they are always the most profession in behavior also. I never recall one negative comment from Phyics or ID toward myself. Another great thing about these 2 guilds they are very situationally is awesome as I look for this when I Q up. I, myself, dislike having to speak/type, but prefer to adapt and fill a role seemlessly.

These 2 guilds allow me to do that...and they do not even know me {aside from perhaps seeing me over time and knowing my class(es)}.

To be fair to all the guilds I have run with {with includes them all}...they all have their moments in the Sun....and every guild on that list have beaten every other guild at least once that I have witnessed {as I pvp solo in the 50s on both sides}. Suffice to say when I Q up as a Rep I fear ID and P, but on the imp side none of the Rep guild scare me.