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I pay for the game, i play the game regularly, and i want to be able to do it without having lag i run the game great but your servers suck, i cant stand to play with lag, and if you don't fix it soon, i will probably unsubscribe and go to another game, and i'm probably not the only one this is happening too. Please i beg you fix your servers, i'm a big fan of your game and i just want to be able to play. Btw im on The Harbinger Server.
Im on Harbinger and get no lag with everything set to high, im sure you have already but did you see if your video card has an update i know i just updated my ccc to 13.1 if that does not help have you tried lowering the settings on your comp?
Im part of Generation X the generation that was supose to wreck it all. Sure glad thats where i am instead of Generation Y - as in Why cant i just have that without doing anything for it.