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Captain Orkin: This is um the Revanite leading the mission and this young lady is a ......sith lord.

The captain spoke hesitantly. He was surprised at how strange the sentence was after he started speaking. He turned and greeted the smuggler as well.

Captain Orkin: Welcome ,captain.If we are all ready then we can commence the take off. Master Lanser can inform you of your mission once we are in transit I will be monitoring the operation from here providing support needed. I will be in constant contact with you through comlinks.

The captain led the group to the shuttle past some troopers guarding it. The group walked up the ramp and headed into the main room of the shuttle. It was a small shuttle with rows of seats on eaither side and a holocomputer in the center that popped out of the floor when in use. The was a small doorway leading to the cockpit where the pilot was waiting for take off.

Captain Orkin: Ok pilot you're all set. Good luck team the galaxy is depending on you.

The group would later learn the heaviness of his parting words. The shuttle lifted off the ground and made its way above Camp Overlook. Below the shuttle were escaped prisoners and dangerous enemies of all sorts wreaking havoc all over Section X. Once the shuttle had officially taken of and was steadily moving it was time to receive the official mission.......
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