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I would recommend you to buy 6 pair of boots and re- the mods for 18-24 stabs. Use those stabs on 63 mods instead. You can combine this with stab farming in warzones (3-4 stabs every 875 comms)

Requires that you have artifice and cybertech alts.

But to answer your stat question, it depends on your spec. Surge should not be below 75 % but there's really no need to take it much higher either. Crit and alacrity depends on spec. Madness specs tend to sacrifice alacrity, since there's really no need for it for that spec, for the sake of power and crit is often lost in the same process. Alacrity is on the other hand important for Lightning specs, since they channel a lot.
Personally I've always tried to keep my stats somewhat balanced. I'm at work atm so I don't have the exact numbers but I have around 76,5 % surge, in the 35 % range crit (buffed) and alacrity just below 9. I'm full 63 and have +1080 force bonus with the EWH Boundless relics and 1062 with the matrix cube, which trades power for crit.
Power competes with crit, not alacrity on enhencement. Alacrity competes with surge.

Thats like 2 separate match of tug-o-war, not a 4 way rope.