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Why is it that if you are a preferred status player you are unable to post on the forums? To me this seems to be unfair to limit the forums to subscribers only. There are various reasons why someone would be unable to pay on a month to month basis...for me it isn't just the money. I am limited in my time on playing and it is unrealistic to pay for something each month that I may or may not use. That doesn't mean I won't contribute to the game through the cartel market etc. And in fact I've already done so...and by saying I can't post on the forums unless I pay each month seems as if my money isn't worthwhile.Subscribers already get a lot of in-game perks...why limit who can post as long as they abide by the rules of the forums.
So by your account you should be allowed everything that the subs get just because you dont wanna justify paying 50c per day. Seems ligit.
Im part of Generation X the generation that was supose to wreck it all. Sure glad thats where i am instead of Generation Y - as in Why cant i just have that without doing anything for it.