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01.25.2013 , 07:55 PM | #333
  • I am part of an elite guild and need some data to prove my worth in raids
  • I need some parser results and real numbers for DPS
  • Almost full 63 now and can do a PB of 1400 dps(EC HM tanks) and depending on mechanics of fight melee limits me to 1100 dps with mox parser. Can get burst damage with boss health under 30% spin strike have crit for over 9k for shadow strike and spin stike
  • Major problem is force regen. I use cloak and blackout constantly in rotation and still can end up relying on force strike to regen. force current rotation guide

Looking at your hybrid 0/27/14 seems to make sense( pls post parser numbers )
If not Balance is the only option what spec for PVE?

current spec 6/32/3

Stat goal(almost there now)

Need to compete with Vanguard dps (2500 dps) Gunslingers at the same and sages that get 2k
is shadow even possible to hit 1600 to 1800 w/ my gear and stats