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That wasn't bad for a start, bit chaotic but thats not always a bid thing,

I know from a personal point of view that was the most people Iv seen PVP'ing in one place on an open world planet in my time here, And hopefully this will grow now and we can finally bring war to the galaxy.

I think its fair to say that The Sith completely dominated The Battle of Tatooine not only by numbers but by the levels of those taking part on the imperial side. All thouh I did hear that the battle went on until midnight and balanced out in the end, Us on The Republic side need to get our act togeher and be there on time for the next Battle.

Empire Guilds:


Mint Imperials.

Stroke my Wookie.


Dread Legion.



Bounty Hunters.

Republic Guilds:

The Jedi.

Space Pikeys.

Sponsored by Karraga.

I know there were a few more guilds too but I can't quite work out therir names from screenshots, So Please feel free to post your name in here and Il update my post.

Well Done to The Empire, But thak you all who took part., Il post the next event soon.

Hopefully we can have a stronger army with us next time