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Madness :
- Deathfield still affects 3 but add around 1k damage OT on top of the initial instant damage;
- Paratism up to 2% instead of only 1%;
- Add 50% damage from Creeping Terror but remove 2sec root;
- Wrath affects Shock instead of Lightning strike;
- Replace Sith defiance for a skill which lower Crushing Darkness cooldown up to 5 sec;
- Reduce Affliction cost to 30...
The 2-second root on Creeping Terror is essential. You can't remove it.

Creeping Terror already does really good damage per cast time. What I think they need to do on both Creeping Terror and Affliction is shorten the time it takes for them to tick and perhaps add an instant damage piece at the end. Not a ton, but something to give them some oomph. I think 12-15 seconds instead of 18-21 would be reasonable and would make them hit harder, especially if you added 10 percent damage at the end.

Not sure what good Wrath would do for shock. It is already instant. I suppose buffing shock's damage 20 percent would be nice, but it changes the whole concept of the skill if it is just boosting damage of a skill rather than removing cast time.

I'd also like to see them lower the cast of shock. You can't really use it on cooldown without running into force issues, and it is one of the few instant damage abilities we have that hits with any kind of power. In PvP, it isn't a huge deal, because you are rarely going to be in fights that are long enough to deplete your force. But in PvE, it would certainly give us a slight boost that would close the gap with some other specs.