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Well, SWTOR does have more story emphasis than WoW, in that you can't escape from it (unless you try really hard) but the actual maintenance thereof? Ehh... :S

Hopefully Makeb will herald a new era of story updates. It's highly unlikely, of course.
For an MMO it might have quite a bit of story, but for a Bioware game it's pretty light.

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Ashley always died on me, since I could never get her past Virmire.

Yeah, that's another reason why the idea of seperating class from romance content would be working. The Captain and Corso, well, I dig them and really hope to see them bloom, but I could live with them re-inventing the concept for that cause. I know romance is not all this game is about, but for the female Consular for instance the romance is kind of pointless anyway, since she's bound to the Jedi Code. Unless they find a way around that, storywise, her romances are just really.... unfulfilled.
You don't really have to follow the code. You can always go dark and just forget about it.