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i dont understand people that writes walls of text when they want to leave the game - if I dont like a game - i just dont play it and that's it - simple enough - nobody is forcing me to play this is my choice and my only - and what are these people expecting ? that somebody will rewrite the game for them ? i dont want to be rude but if you dont like a game just dont play it there so no need to write it on the forums - because in my opinion... who cares ? my opinion about the game wont change because people leaves.
Because kids shows taught them that they are special. And important. And what they have to say matters. Several generations of kids shows were responsible for this. So now we have several generations of self-important yahoos who think their opinion is important and special. Over. Every. Little. Thing.

Now, since you don't agree with their opinion, that pretty much makes you a traitor to life itself. They can't comprehend in their superiority how anyone could play this game, when it is CLEARLY inferior to the standard set by the newest, shiniest, prettiest game currently out.

And one day, they'll make babies.

I weep for the species.