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This. Kun dominates in battle.

But the question is not who will win the battle. It's who'll win the war. And the only way to win is by killing your enemy.
Well, if there is anything Kun is an expert in, it is killing. He normally goes for his opponent, sneaks through their guards somehow, and fights them to the death. Or he creates a plot which kills the one he wants dead. (The Jedi Masters, for example.) As far as I remember, whenever he wanted someone dead, he managed to get him killed. Except for Ulic, because the ancient Sith lords made them allies.

So I guess Kun will go for Traya first, kill her, take over her powerbase, and then search for Xizor. Even though he won't be able to locate him through the Force, Xizor can't evade him forever.
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